Akshaye Khanna Talks About His Father Bollywood Star Lt. Vinod Khanna :


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Akshaye Khanna open up about his memories with his father Late Vinod Khanna. He told,” You know….now that he is not here with us anymore, I started to think about him as a star because I have never looked at him as an actor”.

Akshaye and Rahul are two sons of Vinod Khanna with his first wife and his second wife also has two children son Sakshi and daughter Shraddha.

Akshaye quoted,”┬áHe was always my dad… It’s only now that I will start looking at him as a yesteryear star who was admired by so many people. Anyway, we just lost him… So I think it’s too early for me to talk about our memories now… I need some time.”

Akshaye will soon be seen in an important role in movie ‘MOM’ release in July.

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Here you can see the movie trailer :

Akshaye also talks about ‘MOM’ and said,””I am very confident about the fact that the film will create an impact on the mind of the audience. I cannot predict the box office number, but the impact is assured”.

For the sucess of film he told that film length doesn’t matter but its impact matters.