#Jaggajasoos First Day Collection: This Is How Much #Ranbirkapoor – #Katrinakaif Starrer Earned On First Day!


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Jagga Jasoos has seen it’s up and down in term of movie release dates has delayed many times. But it seems that post the bumpy ride, everything is smooth sailing and will be released tomorrow as per schedule. But it seems there is a roadblock as a movie to hit theaters in the Middle East today. It is a trend that all the movie release one day before in the middle east but it seems that will not happen with Bollywood film, Jagga Jasoos and will be released not today but tomorrow. But real reason by this is that film producers couldn’t deliver the movie prints on time.

Also, the reason behind the delay is that the actors were dubbing till July 9 and the post-production work on the movie is still awaiting. The movie was aggressively promoted of the different platform but opened to an occupancy rate of just 20% during morning shows.

Post the finish of the morning show the audience and critics had mixed reviews and it earned only Rs 8.57 crore on the first day at the national box office collection.

The movie also will be enjoyed by the children, but as per trade analyst, the movie will do good business over the weekend. One of the reasons being that kids along with their parents would want to watch a film, and which will add to the box office collection.

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As per one of the cinemagoers was quoted saying that one of the highlight of the movie being coming together of ex-lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif post their breakup. Once the two talented couple enters into the frame will make you wish to see them do more films as an onscreen couple! Katrina Kaif is looking adorable in de-glamorous look and essays the role of a geeky journalist realistically. But it is Jagga aka Ranbir who will steal your heart.

The movie justifies a watch for its bold, exceptional attempt. Also, we need applaud the director Anurag Basu who assured us a musical, adventurous journey and he successfully managed to keep everything interesting.

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