PCB denies rumours regarding disparity in ‘Prize Money’

Players have been awarded 2 lakh rupees individually as per reports.

Pakistan Team
Image Source: Reuters

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday has denied all rumours about the difference in prize money for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy-winning players.

Sarfraz Ahmed and his team were rewarded for their performance in the Champions Trophy especially, their win over their arch-rivals India in the final but a disparity in prize money made them unhappy.

The reports emerged that the Pakistani players had walked out of the function, which was held in their honour of winning ICC Champion Trophy in England at the Centuraus shopping mall in Islamabad, due to the announcement of different amounts by the organisers.

Reportedly, the Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed has been gifted a plot of land, while Fakhar Zaman, who had scored a century in the Champions Trophy final, was given a cash award of 500,000 rupees. On the other hand, the other players were given 200,000 rupees each.

There were some players were seen walking out of the ceremony in the video footage on Duniya news channel and later other clips were seen on the social media, and even some reports claim that the players returned their cheques.

But Reza Ketchlew, who was the media manager of the Pakistan team in the Champions Trophy in England, refused all the reports and said that players are happy with the reward.

According to the reports of Sportzwiki, Ketchlew said about this matter, “I was there with the team for the function which was officially approved by the board. There was no walkout by the players and neither does any player have any issue or disagreement with the awards given to them and Sarfraz and Fakhar Zaman.”

He further explained, “It is totally incorrect that players returned their cheques or walked out. After all the players including Sarfraz and Zaman were called on stage and given their awards, they came down and were seated at tables near the podium. But when the organisers called the team up for a photograph pandemonium broke loose as many in the crowd also started gathering on the podium.”

The team’s media manager concluded, “The management than decided to just send Sarfraz on stage for the photograph and it was also decided it was best for the safety of players.”