An IIM-A Student And Beauty Pageant Winner, Akanksha Choudhary Will Represent India Globally


In addition to the many inspiring people we see and hear about, here’s 20-year-old Akanksha Choudhary who has proved that if we put our mind to it, anything is possible.

She’s a top notch model, the winner of the Face Of Beauty International India 2016, all set to represent our country on an international platform this year. Now while all of these achievements are monumental, what surprises us the most is how Akanksha has been focused about her career as well.

After auditioning at a management institute, she was selected to contest in Miss India Elite, which she won last year. “I took part in the event just out of interest. I did not expect to win, let alone work as a model after that. Being a model has groomed me to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle and understand that the beauty lies in the values we inculcate in our lives. The rigorous routine of maintaining a healthy body and taking part in modelling events has even pushed me to manage my time wisely,” she said.