Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone probebly going to have a clash very soon!

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Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone have never been friends. Perhaps because of a certain Ranveer Singh! But the two heroines have never clashed, personally or professionally. Now, Anushka and Deepika will go head to head against each other next year when their movies release.

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Anushka’s Sui Dhaga will release on September 28 (2018), and now producers Prernaa Arora and Vishal Bhardwaj, who stand behind Deepika’s biopic on mafia queen Sapna Didi, are eyeing the same release date as Anushka’s film. And that is a matter of concern for both parties.

Says a source, “Like every actor has his favourite holiday date for release, Vishal likes releasing his films around Gandhi Jayanti. Now, YRF has already announced the release date for Sui Dhaga, since it releases on September 28 (2018), it will enjoy an extended weekend because of October 2, which will give the film a holiday advantage, mid-week. Vishal releasing his film on Sapna Didi will result in a clash between Anushka and Deepika at the box office.”

Anushka’s film goes on floors early next year and DP’s film, too, begins around the same time. Our source adds, “Both are small films, so they will be ready in a short time, unless there’s any other roadblock. But YRF is known to not budge from dates, no matter who they clash with. On the other hand, Vishal has moved from his October 2 spot when he pushed the release of Rangoon. It’s unlikely he will do the same with this film. So the clash is almost inevitable.”