Ayushmann Khurrana: Chandigarh Stalking Case Should Be A Lesson To Women Across The Country !

Pic Credit: Getty images

Ayushmann Khuranaa started his career as VJ and got lot of popularity among the youngsters. Later he acted in Vicky Donor. This movie makes him a star in one night. Now he is one of the finest actor in Bollywood.

Nowadays he is busy promoting his upcoming movie Bareilly Ki Barfi. The movie is all set to release on August 18. At a recent media interaction, the actor, who hails from Chandigarh, was asked about the notorious and shocking stalking incident that took place in the city last week.

Recent issue of Vikas Barala, son of Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Subhash Barala; his friend Ashish Kumar and Varnika Kundu, daughter of a senior IAS officer in Chandigarh last week and was aghast. He said that what happened in Chandigarh should be a lesson for women all over the country.

“What happened should be a lesson for every woman out there. Being alert can help in a big way. It was the woman’s presence of mind that helped cops take the necessary action,” said the actor further reaffirming, “Chasing or stalking someone, even if it is merely to talk to the other person is not acceptable and calls for strict action. I am glad that the woman spoke up about what happened and was brave,” said the actor.

Before signing off, Ayushmann harped on how people should extend support to women like Varnika who instill courage in other women as well, “We all should stand up with her, fight for her.” We couldn’t agree more!

Talking to this Ayushmann gave a good message to the society. Ayushmann reiterated how these aspects shouldn’t deter women from speaking up as it is an important way to work towards women’s safety.