Sushant Singh Rajput buy one of the most-advanced telescopes in the world!


Sushant Singh Rajput opens up about prepping up for his upcoming film Chanda Mama Door Ke.

Pic Credit: Pinkvilla

Sushant Singh Rajput started his career on small screen. Later he got opportunity to work on Big Screen and with MS Dhoni, the actor proved himself as one of the finest actor in B-Town. Nowadays, Sushant  is prepping up for his role in Chanda Mama Door Ke wherein the actor will be seen essaying the role of an astronaut.

The talented actor recently visited NASA, also becoming the first Bollywood actor to film inside NASA’s workshops in an authentic space suit, to prep up for his role.

According to sources to prepare perfectly for the role, Sushant buyed one of the most-advanced telescopes in the world. In an interview, He said “his telescope and said that it is one of the most-advanced telescopes in the world and he is going to be able to see Saturn’s rings with the help of it”. He also revealed that he will be placing his new prized possession near his sea-facing window.

Further adding to this he said, “he will soon be shifting to a new house which is two-three hours away from the city and he will go to live there along with his telescope. He also revealed that he loves driving and hence will drive into the city whenever needed and if something needs his immediate attention, he will take the chopper service”.

Asked about his experience on visiting NASA, Sushant said that it was an incomparable experience. For 20 years, he lived with formula and theories in his head. During the training sessions, he revealed that he could actually feel zero gravity; he sat in a centrifug, experienced what it’s like to tumble in space. Everything that he had read about became real. He also said that he felt like a kid in a candy store and that at times he even forgot that he was at NASA to shoot a film.

With this preparation we are eagerly waiting to see Sushant in Chanda Mama Door Ke?