Did Tanuja patched up Karan Johar and Kajol?


It was Tanuja who patched up Kajol and KJo!

We got a hint that Karan and Kajol have patched up and they are friend again when Karan shared the pictures of his twins and Kajol liked it.The social media and their fans got crazy. In return, the director also ‘followed’ the actress back on the photo sharing platform.

Revealed! The real reason behind Karan Johar and Kajol’s patch up

According to sources it was Kajol’s mother Tanuja who convinced her daughter to extend an olive branch and got him invited for her elder daughter’s birthday in August.

Says a source, “It has been reported that Kajol invited her family, including sister Tanishaa and mother Tanuja and a few friends to celebrate her 43rd birthday on August 5 at a suburban restaurant. One person she extended the lunch invite to also, was her estranged buddy Karan Johar and that surprised many. But what few know is that it was Tanuja who convinced her elder daughter to patch up with the filmmaker and had been asking her to do it for some time. It was Tanuja who sent a text message to Karan inviting him to her lunch. Of course, when they met it was an emotional reunion for all. Kajol was considered as Karan’s lucky charm in his films and Karan’s mother, Hiroo, too is extremely fond of her. Tanuja felt that such friendships are rare and the birthday lunch was a perfect occasion to patch up.”