Irrfan Khan tells us he does roles opposite of what is expected from him!


Irrfan khan had been a versatile actor and has done movies across all genres.His next movie Qarib Qarib single is about to release and on this occasion he revealed that he doesn’t wants to fit in any Bollywood Norms!

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Actor Irrfan Khan

He said:

“I know what people expect me to do. And I just want to do the exact opposite to keep them guessing. No one would have thought I would do a video with AIB but I am not high funda. Even the AIB guys were skeptical and scared to approach me. But after they briefed me about it, I was immediately on. Now, I am doing a web series which again, people wouldn’t have expected me to try. I don’t think of any medium as a small one. As long as I am here, I will keep trying different stuff.”

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