Radio took away indie music’s business: Sonu Nigam !


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The popular singer, who has spent over 25 years in the film industry, had earlier come up with independent albums like Deewana and Mausam with the former’s title track and the latter’s song Bijuria being hits. About the independent music he said Things can change overnight for independent music with just one thing… the day radios start playing independent music. Radios don’t play the indie songs only.

“The day they start playing them, saying ‘this song is good’, the listeners will latch on to them,” Sonu said here on Sunday.

Sonu said that radio has perhaps stopped promoting indie tracks due to being “over-enamoured” by Bollywood. “And Bollywood, that too is only about actors, actresses and films. Music is a part of cinema. When someone says this film has made Rs 150 crore, is there anyone who talks about how much its music has made?

“How many times does radio support it? They just do an interview with the artiste maybe… and radios have actually taken away our business. Earlier, if you heard ‘Deewana’, it didn’t need publicity. The public went on its own to seek it.

He added the day radio — which has a “lot of power” — gives due credit to writers and composers, promotes “good songs”, “singles will start working”.