Which team are you supporting Hina Khan or Akash Dadlani: Big Boss 11!

Pic Credit: Twitter

Big Boss 11 is going with all the adventure after the entry of Dhinchak Pooja. Most controversial TV reality show Big Boss this season is full of drama and fights.

The latest fight was between Hina Khan and Akash Dadlani as when Hina asked Akash to do the house work otherwise he will not get any food. Hina Khan and Akash Dadlani are two hottest contestants on Bigg Boss right now and not for the right reasons. Forget the fact that the two have been bickering constantly but they have disappointed and irritated a lot of viewers. After that a big fight happened between the both. Hina, who was the country’s most favorite actress and bahu has turned the tables and how.

After the fight, Twitter can’t stop talking about Hina’s behaviour in the house and trust me, they do not have a lot of good things to say. And she is not the only one. Akash is also one of those contestants that viewers are not very happy with.

Akash refuses to listen to anything that Hina asks him to do. He has also passed quite a few sexist remarks inside the house when he asked Pooja to quit the task because she was a rapper and he is a man. He even lied about being related to music composer Vishal Dadlani when he entered the show. Of course, Salman Khan gave him a earful about lying to people about his own identity. Akash is constantly boasting about what a popular rapper he is and how he does shows all over the world.

Hina has also not been a saint that viewers probably expected her to be. Forget fighting with people unnecessarily and being diplomatic all the time, Hina actually mocked Pooja after housemates found out that she has head lice. She even rapped about it and it was quite insensitive. We saw in the previous episode how she dragged Bandgi Kalra’s father in a conversation to make things worse.

Discussing to this Hina asked Puneesh about when he told her he’d spit the food that she’d give him. But Puneesh told Hina that he is taking Akash in wrong context. It will interesting to see both fighting in Big Boss. But what do you think who will you vote for Akash or Hina team? Social media platforms are already trolling with lot of favor and disfavor. For more updates keep following Circle of Bollywood.