About sexual harassment – Vidya Balan talks about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal!


Recently, after the Harvey Weinstein case made headlines, many actors come forward with their stories of sexual assault. Now Vidya Balan came to discussion on this topic. She was quizzed on the same by a leading daily. The actress stated, “Yes, it’s because women have always been told that, ‘It’s your fault’. Women are told not to wear short skirts and go out. And if we do, we are told, agar kissi ne haath lagayatoh jaake mat bolnaWe are told that we are the temptresses and we have provoked the men. There have been instances where even in rape cases, the woman has been blamed.”

She Further added- “Often, when a marriage doesn’t work, the tendency is to question the woman. Of course, today things are changing. I know that in a lot of cases, families say things like, ‘She was not adjusting enough. She was more focused on her career’. Talking about this case (Weinstein), imagine this happening in Hollywood, where you would think that with the kind of success and power they have, the women wouldn’t keep quiet. If someone propositioned me, I would kick him where it hurts.”

Of her way to deal with workplace harassment, Vidya said that “walking away’ was her ‘defence mechanism.” She told toa leading daily: “I could walk away because I had a home to go back to. I had family, I had food on my plate and I had nothing to worry about. Lot of people have circumstances that are different. As a woman, you have the sixth sense and instinct. No one has asked me for a coffee. If I went to have coffee with someone, it was because I wanted to go. I felt it was below my dignity to get work in any other way. I don’t judge others who had to use any sort of means as everyone’s circumstances are different.”

Vidya Balan is the star of films such as The Dirty Picture, the Kahaani series and Paa. Her next release is ‘Tumhari Sulu’ that hits theaters on November 17.