Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma get into a huge fight!

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Big Boss 11 is going with all the masalas and twists. Shilpa and Vikas fight was much liked by the viewers on the other hand Puneesh and Bandagi love story is also entertaining the audience. Salman on weekend took the class of Shilpa and Vikas about their fight. Later Dhinchal Pooja got evicted from the show!

If we talk about the latest episode of Big Boss season 11. It start with Puneesh and Bandagi’s romance. Hina Khan gets uncomfortable with Puneesh and Bandgi’s closeness and asks Priyank Sharma to watch them. Hina says that they have crossed the limits by doing it on camera.

Later Puneesh asks Bandgi to give him a kiss to which Bandgi says that they are on camera. Puneesh says to Bandgi that it’s a family show they won’t telecast it. Priyank tells Benafsha that Bandgi is playing smartly. Everyone wakes up on the song “Jumma chumma dede”. Vikas says that Shilpa looks so pretty when she wakes up and turns bad later.Shilpa replies to Vikas that she doesn’t need a compliment.

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Bandgi asks Puneesh why did he kiss her when he knows about the cameras. Priyank tells Hina about Bandgi and Puneesh’s kiss. Hina assures that Bandgi is not in love with Puneesh. Benafsha says that she offers her bed to them for spending some quality time together and they have crossed all the limits.

Arshi asks Shilpa whom to nominate. Shilpa jokes that we should nominate Benafsha. Arshi and Priyank get into a huge fight. Priyank says Arshi should be isolated in the show and no one should talk to her. Priyank says Arshi-spit-begum what will happen to you? Arshi says we will see what Priyank can do. Priyank says don’t show anymore, people are ashamed of you showing too much. Arshi asks Bigg Boss to call her inside, she takes off her mic.

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Arshi asks why he is talking about outside stuff? My parents and brothers live with me, who is he to taunt about my cleavage? Priyank says this is not a cheap show, we don’t want skin show. Hina hugs Priyank and asks him to calm down. Arshi says I am more famous than you with one show. Vikas brings Arshi to washroom and asks her to not cry. Arshi says she will not leave him.

Luv says to Hina that Akash and Arshi have called him her puppy. Hina asks Luv do i interfere in your life? Hina says she only cares about herself and her lifestyle. She doesn’t force her decision on anyone. Bigg boss congratulates Shilpa for getting immunity from the eviction. Bigg Boss gives Puneesh a power to nominate 7 contestants who are less popular on the show according to the audience.

Puneesh nominates Benafsha, Luv, Sabyasachi, Priyank, Sapna, Mehjabi and Hiten. Now contestants have to nominate amongst these nominated housemates. Vikas nominates Luv and Sabyasachi. Bandgi and Luv nominate Sapna and Benafsha. Shilpa nominates Sabyasachi and Priyank. Priyank and Hiten nominate Sabyasachi and Mehjabi. Sabyasachi nominates Priyank and Sapna.

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Benafsha nominates Mehjabi and Sabyasachi. Hina nominates Mehjabi and Sapna. Mehjabi, Arshi and Akash nominate Benafsha and Priyank. Sapna nominates Luv and Hiten. Priyank, Sabyasachi, Benafsha, Mehjabi and Sapna are the nominated contestants of the week. Luv suggests Sabyasachi to be active in the next task. Shilpa gets the chance to watch the nomination. Benafsha asks Shilpa about Akash’s nomination and tells that Akash is telling personal things about her on cameras.

She says that her family has a reputation and he keeps on blaming her for being unhygienic. Benafsha talks to Akash and tells him that she is not accustomed to doing her own work and she is trying to fit in. Akash doesn’t listen to her.

It will be interesting to watch what direction will Puneesh and Bandagi Love story will take. For more updates keep following Circle of Bollywood!