Deepika Padukone being kissed by Aadar Jain!



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Aadar kissing Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin Aadar Jain and Armaan Jain were a part of Deepika Padukone Movie overwhelming response to the Padmavati trailer and had invited friends and collagues from the industry.

In a photo shared bY Aadar Jain he was seen kissing Deepika’s cheeks and due to which many questions popped on his post.

Today, Aadar Jain reacted to the photo and said, “If we are at a party and are clicking photos, what’s the harm in that. Yes, a lot of people have opinions to say and they will say something or the other. I don’t think there was anything to the photo. It was just all of us having a great time. It was the success of the Padmavati trailer, and I think she was having a party after a long time. It was great to have everybody together. It was a great time to enjoy ourselves that evening. That’s about it.”

A source which is near to Deepika shared that  “Deepika is in a celebratory mood. She is extremely happy to share this moment with everyone who is close to her. Wherever she has been going off late, be it events or other gatherings, people cannot stop raving about her beauty, grace and talent.”