Karan Johar speaks about sexual orientation and says I am proud of who I am!

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The maverick filmmaker Karan Johar has over years has given us an incredible romantic movie which we loved and enjoyed to the core such as Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, My Name Is Khan, Student of the Year and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.  His movies talk about real life love stories, heartbreaks, friendships and make us connect to the movie much more. The director is one of the most influential personalities in the Indian cinema. The director has taken his home production ‘Dharma’ to another level and today it is one of the top film studios in the country.

Privileged, famous, hardworking and successful are some of the words can be used to describe Dharma production brainchild KJo. He might be the most glamorous and superb at what he does but the 45-year old who is often tortured by questions about his sexuality.

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During a recent interaction with the media, Karan Johar was quoted saying that, I have never expressed my sexual orientation in those many words. I have insinuated a lot and have said what I wanted to say in my book.”

My Name Is Khan director further added that “I will never say that I am embarrassed or ashamed to say it. I am very proud of who I am and who I will always be. Whatever I have written in the book is the truth and I stand by every word of I,”

Karan Johar further added what all disapproval he has to go daily basis and was quoted saying that, “There were two kinds of criticism. First, I was asked why I didn’t make it clear what I wanted to say. And my reply to that is, ‘it’s my right’. Another criticism I faced was that people asked me why I am like this. There are so many people out there who don’t understand the concept of personal orientation. Whatever I am, I’m proud of myself… The orientation I have is who I am.”

The actor also opened about being trolled every day and how does it affect him. He added that “Every morning I get up, I face a lot of trolling on Twitter, Instagram and on other platforms. If I post a picture with a pout then people make filthy comments.”

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Karan Johar also said the earlier he used to lose his cool but “amused and just smile when people make such comments. Whatever I am, I’m proud of myself… The orientation I have is who I am.”

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil also spoke about what he makes a movie which he understands well and was quoted saying that, “The magic of big screen is different. People have often said that I don’t make real films. I say to them that I don’t know how to make real films. I know how to sell big dreams of big screen. That’s what I know and understand.

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Kjo also added that he has been branded for making movies for NRI and the rich and was quoted, saying, “Don’t the rich have problems in life? I make what comes to my mind. I never try to pretend to make something different.” Johar said whenever he has tried anything different he has never got credit for it.”

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The ace director takes out time to spend quality time with his children (Roohi and Yash) when not busy with work commitment. “My life has changed since Roohi and Yash arrived. At 44, this is my biggest blockbuster. I still haven’t realized the enormity of what’s happened. They’re only two months old. And all they do is eat, sleep, burp, wail and poop. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! While I stare at them in wonder. But I can’t get over the fact that they are mine. It’s like a power switch has suddenly come on in my life, filling the emptiness in my personal space with new energy. I get teary-eyed just looking at them. It’s surreal to think of them as my daughter and son. It’s daunting even, but in a gorgeous way, when I wake up suddenly at night to remember that I have life breathing in the next room that I’m totally accountable for. My universe was Dad, Mom and films. But now there are Roohi and Yash. My two new friends.”