Read Here the Update of Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar!!

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Controversial Bigg Boss is going through all the twists and fights. And if you missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors. Here’s the update:-

Salman too takes a leave in his peculiar style. In the preview, we see Vidya Balan  promoting her film Tumhari Sulu on the show. In her character, Vidya asks the housemates a few questions. Salman also informs that there will be a double eviction this week.

Kapil leaves the sets of Bigg Boss and says the one who will not watch his movie Firangi, God will watch him. Salman welcomes Kapil on the stage and praises him for doing Firangi. In a fun task, he asks him to translate what he is saying in Hindi to English. Kapil with his spot-on comic timing leaves everyone in splits with his bad English.

Kapil takes a leave from the housemates. Akash sings a rap on Kapil while promoting his film Firangi. Kapil now enters the stage and meets Salman. Next comes Akash’s turn who chooses Priyank and kicks the mannequin hard. Kapil says that he likes Arshi’s ways of doing things and the way she talks. As Arshi’s turns come, she picks up her favourite Hina Khan. She kicks so hard that the mannequin falls. Arshi also calls Hina the most negative character in the house.

First to hit the mannequin was Priyank who vents his anger at Puneesh’s face cut out. He says he cannot bear anyone talking ill about his family. In the second part of the task, Kapil gives gharwale a chance to vent their anger towards one person in the house. Placing a mannequin in the living area, contestants get a chance to kick the doll.

Kapil asks Vikas why did he come to the house of Bigg Boss despite being a big producer. In reply, Vikas says he was bored with life and Shilpa says it was his bad time that he agreed to coming on the show. Kapil reads the letter for Shilpa in which it is mentioned that she has done something which nobody else could. The letter is signed by the workers who have been ousted from their job by Vikas.

Salman introduces Kapil Sharma as Firangi. He is made to enter the house. Kapil meets all the housemates. Kapil says the Bigg Boss house is very pretty. He has brought with him the letters from the outside world and they have to guess which letter is for whom. Hina Khan says that we should leave all of it here only and start afresh. Akash says he will definitely do it as he is a bigger man than her and she will be the same again from the next day.

Salman takes a leave from the housemates and we see Benafsha and Priyank talking about what all happened. Arshi Khan asks Salman to tell Hina Khan to stop talking in English and Salman this time too agrees with Arshi. Salman asks Priyank to shut up as he yet again goes on a rant against Bandgi. Hina apologises to Salman as it is only her and Vikas because of whom they lost the task.

Bandgi and Priyank yet again get into an argument. Salman advises Bandgi that if she is image conscious then she and Puneesh must be careful what they are doing in the presence of many cameras inside the house as their parents are also watching the show.

Salman renters the house and talks about the prize money of the show which has become zero. He asks Vikas who is responsible for the failure of this week’s luxury budget task. He accepts that he provoked other contestants but the idea was Hina Khan’s. Salman asks Hina if her brain is working overtime these days. Salman finally leaves the house and the house becomes a battleground.

Salman gives a piece of advice to Akash to behave with the women in the house. Then he asks the women of the house to vote if they think Akash is disrespectful towards them. Only Hina and Benafsha raise their hand. Hina in her defence says that she never provoked anyone and she could not solve Benafsha and Akash’s problem because Akash is mannerless. Salman says Hina is at fault 100% and he supports Arshi Khan on this.

Salman says that Benafsha herself has said many things which are inappropriate so she doesn’t have right to bring it up now. Next, Salman comes to Hina and asks her if she really provokes other people in the house. Vikas tries to clarify things and he says that if Benafsha’s issue with Akash was so serious it should have been brought up then itself. And even if they are bringing it up, then it should be done in a decent way. He says Benafsha should have taken it one on one.

Salman says when housemates entered the house they said many things but then everything was taken in good humour. But now bringing them back is wrong. Salman asks Arshi from where does the idea of provoking come from and she blames Hina Khan for it. She adds Benafsha’s name to it as well.

It becomes difficult to understand what people are saying as all of them are speaking at the same time. So, Salman asks Hiten to speak up as he is unable to understand what’s happening. The argument gets heated up and Bandgi says Priyank always brings up other person’s family during the fights. Puneesh defends himself.

Priyank says that he said what he said because Bandgi’s boyfriend in the outside world asked him to clear things out. Bandgi brings up the topic of Priyank’s two girlfriends. One being in the US and other one he made in Splitsvilla. Salman tries to calm down Bandgi. Priyank tries to defend himself but Bandgi didn’t let him speak.

Salman asks the housemates to name the villain of the week. For Shilpa it is Benafsha. Hina chooses Puneesh. Akash takes Benafsha’s name. Bandgi vents out her anger at Priyank for making fun of her personal life. Salman says he has noticed one pattern in this season that whenever there is a fight inside the house they threaten others by saying that they tell it all on Saturday when Salman will come. So, Salman tells them he is not their mentor or father to correct them.

Salman enters the house and talks about the day when the housemates confessed their secrets on national television. He makes fun of Luv and Hina’s secret. The next couple who is being teased is Hiten and Arshi. Shilpa says Arshi is her daughter and Hiten her son-in-law. Next, Benafsha is seen admiring Priyank’s dimples. She finds his lips and eyes the best features of his face.

Salman Khan takes the audience inside the house. Hina Khan is seen teasing Priyank and Benafsha for their flourishing love story. Benafsha asks Hina to not to do it as her boyfriend is watching the show. Luv also joins Hina and says he agrees that something is cooking between Priyank and Benafsha.

 Salman greets the audience and sets up an ‘aangan’ on the stage. Jallad comes with a tree which has the photos of housemates. He makes a comment on every contestant and addresses them as three families, one of Hina Khan and other of Vikas Gupta and the last one of Shilpa Shinde. And Hiten and Sapna are confused about what family are they a part of.

The episode begins with Salman Khan making a call and Akash Dadlani picking up the phone in the house. Salman says that he wants to talk to Shilpa. While talking to her, Salman asks her does she realise how many chapattis has she cooked until now in the Bigg Boss house. She has become the ‘Chapatti Queen’ of the house. He also asks her if she likes Vikas Gupta or not to which Shilpa says she doesn’t.

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