Read Here What Puneet Issar has to share about Akshay Kumar’s Dangerous Helicopter stunt?

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Versatile actor Puneet Issar is a popular face in Tv industry. He became a household name after playing the character of ‘Duryodhana’ in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. Now he has been selected for another epic anti-hero’s role in the drama show ‘Raavan ki Ramayan’.

Issar starred as a villain in several movies (over 150 Hindi films and 100 regional) during the 1980s and 1990s, like Zakhmi Aurat, Jagruti, Kal Ki Aawaz, Palay Khan, Teja, Prem Shakti and many more, which include the Mohanlal starers Yodha and Pingami, Salman Khan starers Sanam Bewafa, Chandramukhi and Suriyavanshi, Akshay Kumar starer Aashant and multi-starers like Kshatriya. He also played a villain in the Shahrukh Khan starer Ram Jaane. He appeared in the hit war film Border.

He most famous for his role as Duryodhana in the TV adaptation of the Mahabharata and directing Garv: Pride and Honour (2004) starring Salman Khan. He was born 6 November 1959 in Punjab, India. His other notable roles are in Border, 1997 war film, directed by J. P. Dutta and second lead in the cult Indian horror film Purana Mandir in 1983.

He is also known for action in film industry. If you think that action films are easy to shoot, time to get a reality check. The tragic death of two Kannada actors who reportedly drowned after jumping into a dam from a helicopter proves that we have started taking the dangers associated to stunts lightly.

And if we talk about Bollywood, Akshay Kumar  is one of the very few actors who has done some of the most difficult stunts all by himself. Be it helicopters or planes, Akshay does it all perfectly.Not many know that in one of his earlier movies called Ashaant released in the early 90s, Akshay had performed a high-risk stunt of hanging from a chopper for one scene. The chopper kept racing against buses and cars.

Recalling the stunt that Akshay Kumar had managed to pull off, Puneet Issar, who played a negative role against Akshay said,“We had a helicopter scene in the film where I jump on to a helicopter. I was fighting on ground with Akshay when the helicopter comes in and I try to escape. The chopper was about six to seven feet high in the air and I had to jump on to the rope, climb it and then enter the chopper. Akshay was to follow suit and the scene was such that the chopper would take off with me inside and Akshay hanging from the rope. We both did the stunts ourselves.”

“Akshay was wearing safety harness while hanging but still it was a very risky affair. As per the scene, I as the villain had to use the helicopter to try and crash Akshay into running cars and buses. Akshay actually used his feet to run on top of the moving cars and buses while hanging from the chopper. Had his feet broken any of the glass panes of the bus and his leg got stuck, it would have been dangerous. We were lucky that nothing happened.”

Watch Akshay performing the daredevil stunt right here:

On the work front he was in town to perform at the recently-concluded Jairangam Theatre Festival. Puneet reprised the role of Raavan in the play, titled, Raavan Ki Ramayan.