Read Here Why Salman Khan Warns Puneesh Sharma And Bandagi Kalra: Bigg Boss 11!!


Big Boss 11 this season is full of controversies and twists. From using dirty games, abusive language and filthy fights between contestants made this season one of the most controversial season of Big Boss.┬áThe latest being Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra’s PDA inside the house.

It all started when the two decided to fake a relationship for cameras in order to get more votes. However, they soon realised that they actually liked each other. And that’s when their romance got too hot and they ended up becoming a topic of discussion among housemates.

They crossed the line when the two were caught getting cozy in bed on November 8th episode. Their romance might be raising the show’s TRP but looks like its host Salman Khan is extremely unhappy with the way the two are conducting themselves inside the house.

On Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman warned both Puneesh and Bandagi to behave properly as several cameras are installed in the house.

“Puneesh and Bandagi, both of you have to be very careful about how you want to portray yourselves on national television as your parents are also watching this show,” Salman said. To which Puneesh replied, “We’ll take care.”

Earlier on season 7 contestants Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee too were scolded by the superstar after they were caught getting intimate inside the house.

It will interesting to know if Puneesh and Bandagi will take advice of Salman or they will just ignore it. For more updates keep following Circle of Bollywood.