Taimur and Tushar Kapoor’s Son are the playing partners !


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The Special friendship between Taimur and Tushar’s son Laksshya is taking the internet on storm and everybody is going crazy for the special bond that is being shared between them.Tushar says he is the, “happiest thing to have happened to him”

He talk about his friendship with Kareena kapoor khan Tusshar said, “It’s the same. We don’t meet that often. Now, thanks to our kids, at least we meet every now and then. The kids are not really aware because they still don’t know each other. At this age, they are just happy playing with each other. They are just familiar with the face. They are too young to recognise that strongly and miss each other. Taimur and Laksshya are at an age where they want to be around each other to just play. The whole sharing and playing, with these kids only, will come when they are two-three.”

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laksshya and taimur

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When asked, if Laksshya and Taimur will also become best friends like him and Kareena, he said, “That completely depends on what school they go to. Kids make friends at schools, colleges and then in the profession that they choose. It’s too filmi to predict that Laksshya and Taimur will be best friends too. People like assuming things and that’s fine. I grew up with a lot of my father’s friends’ kids. I had Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, Goldie Behl, Hrithik Roshan and today, we’re just family friends. We have our own groups.”

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