What?? Vikas Gupta sacrifices his jacket for Shilpa Shinde: Bigg Boss 11!!

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Controversial show Bigg Boss 11 is going with all the masala and twists. Shilpa and Vikas fight is as popular as anything on the show as well as outside. After that recent fight between Akash and Ben took and ugly picture on the show. This season of Bigg Boss 11 witnessed different emotions when the contestants’ friendships were put to test during nominations.

Pic Credit: Twitter

As the recent episode, Priyank Sharma went bald for Hiten Tejwani and Benafsha Soonawalla agreed to get nominate for the coming two weeks to save Priyank. But, just when we thought we got enough of Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde, there is something sweet that you can’t miss. Yes, foes-tuned-friends are making the show entertaining for the viewers.

Vikas sacrificed his Jacket for Shilpa Shinde when bigg boss asked Shilpa to get nominate. It seems that Vikas is on a heart-winning spree. The contestant happily sacrificed his jacket to save Shilpa from eviction reducing her to tears. The lady was seen telling him that it is not needed but Vikas said ‘its karma’. This indeed was a sweet gesture from Vikas’s side.

Few weeks back, both the contestants would have never thought that they will become friends. In fact, in the yesterday’s episode, Akash Dadlani was seen saying that it was their strategy to win the show.

Well, nothing is permanent in Bigg Boss house not even friendships. It is yet to be seen if Shilpa and Vikas pass the friendship test but the latter has done a praise-worthy work.

Hina Khan, Hiten, Priyank and Akash has been saved from eviction.

Pic Credit : Twitter

New friendship and sacrifice has been seen on the show with all the drama and emotions. It will be interesting to watch where this connection will go on the show between the contestants. For more updates keep following Circle of Bollywood!