Shah Rukh Khan says that he worked in Dear Zindagi to work with Alia Bhatt !!


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Shah Rukh Khan is one of the best actor in bollywood industry, but he prefers being thought of as an actor. He is just going to host a bollywood talk show and is pretty damn proud of his Bollywood journey so far. The Dear Zindagi actor tells us all about the life of a superstar and why he absolutely loved working with Alia Bhatt. Shah Rukh says that he worked in Dear Zindagi to work with Alia. He also mentions that Alia has a talent which he wanted to imbibe by doing a few scenes with her.

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In a recent talk-show hosted by Shah Rukh Khan, he talks to Alia Bhatt. He said, “Maine thoda sa kaam kiya hai tumhari saath. Maine Dear Zindagi main isliye kaam kiya kyun ki mujhe tumhare saath kaam karna tha. Mujhe tum main kuch ajeeb si harkat lagti hai, as an actor. Mujhe aisa lagta hai main tumhare saath baithoonga, baat karunga, shayad ek do scene karunga, to woh harkat mujh main aa jayegi aur main better actor ban sakunga. Honestly, Waise hi bahot sare log jo jaante hai tumhe woh maante hai yeh.”

Alia Also talks about karan johar, She said “Wo mere liye sabse important hai. Unka opinion mere liye bahut important hai.” Shah Rukh also reads out a letter by Alia Bhatt’s mother, Soni Razdan.