“I hope everyone likes Kaalakaandi & this becomes my first commercial film” : Akshay Oberoi!!

Pic Credit : Twitter

Actor Akshay Oberoi landed his first leading role in Rajshri Productions film Isi Life Mein in December 2010. Akshay’s father, Krishan Oberoi, is the brother of the actor Suresh Oberoi and thus uncle of Vivek Oberoi.

His latest release is Kaalakaandi. In recent interview, he discussed about what prompted him to take up film Kaalakaandi and how he’s struggled his way this far despite having a filmi connection.

He said,” I’m usually over-critical of my performances. But I genuinely liked Kaalakaandi. I feel that it has served the purpose. I’m happy with the final product. I hope everyone likes it, too, and this becomes my first commercial film.”

Imran Khan introduced him to director Akshat Verma….to which he stated,” Yes, I took the number from him. And thank God, I did. Somewhere around 2011, there was a shift in Bollywood and things started changing rapidly. I can’t be in a race with the star kids where someone is promoting them. I don’t have that kind of support. I needed to do these interesting films, hence Akshat came to my mind. He’s got a wicked sense of humour which is brilliant for the films he does.”

He also told about his dream…. “wanted to be Shah Rukh Khan! But my priorities shifted after my first film. Two years of growth with no work, I was back to theatre where Makarand Deshpande trained me. I thought I’d never get what I wanted. Then, I did a bit of rethinking and realised that I’d rather be someone like Irrfan Khan because I want to be respected that way. So, I started chasing roles that nobody wanted to do.”

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