I would be devastated if my songs are recreated: Kanika Kapoor

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Kanika Kapoor the sensational voice of Bollywood seems disappointed on the recreation of the old songs. The voice which gave us super hit songs like Chttiyan kallaiyan, Baby Doll, Lovely etc, they are the party anthems of today and you will hear them all around the parties. Kanika Kapoor who is after all these super hit songs says she would be devastated if her songs are recreated and sung badly.

“I’m working and enjoying myself. And I think when you don’t stress about the next ward or the next big song or the next big thing, that’s when you end up cooking something which comes up from your heart,” Kanika said in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.


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“The audience has heard one version of a song when it was a part of the movie. Now they will enjoy the same song but in a new avatar. This is an all-out party edition and I am sure people will love it,” Kanika shared.

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And what’s her take on the music and songs of today having limited shelf life? Kanika said, “There’s something that has changed. There is a shift. Although my songs “Baby Doll” and “Chittiyan Kalaiyan” are still going strong. But a lot of other songs are not. They have a shelf life of a few months or weeks rather. I guess that’s why they are looking at more remakes. People are losing melody, people are losing the lyrics, people are losing that touch.”

Talking about the recreation of old classics, and how 2017 saw an explosion of this trend, Kanika said, “I think that’s what’s working right now. Companies are doing what’s making them money.” And what if any of her own song was remade? “I would be devastated if it was sung badly. If it was sung by somebody else and it was sung well, I would be more than happy and thrilled. But I still listen to all the original ones more than the new ones, apart from one or two songs like “Kala Chashma”. But, I’m not a big fan of all the remakes,” she quipped.

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Lets see what happens in future!