“I would love to do meaningful role in a film that does not feature a big actor”: Actress Zareen Khan

Pic Credit : Getty Images

Hot and Beautiful actress Zareen Khan started her career with leading role in the film ‘Veer’. After that she beautifully done an item number ‘Character Dheela’ in the film Ready. She has also appeared in Punjabi and Tamil Films. She went on to work in films like Housefull 2 but of late she has done smaller projects such as Hate Story 3, Aksar 2 and her upcoming release 1921.

In recent interview, she said,” Rather than being a prop in a film with big actors, I would love to do a meatier and more meaningful role in a film that does not feature a big actor. Though I do not judge an actor or a film on these levels.”

Her movie Housefull 2 was a big film but it was a multi-starrer and she was one of the four girls, so she couldn’t cash in on it completely.

She stated,” I received flak for looking like somebody else (she was called a Katrina Kaif look-alike) and the weight and all. Somehow, it did not work for me.”

Today her film 1921 is released. The film produced by Vikram Bhatt. She said,” “When Vikram makes a horror film, he has logic and reasoning to it. He doesn’t do things for the heck of it.”

Here you can enjoy the song of film 1921 :