Karan Grover says something on Pregnancy rumours of Wifey Bips!

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bipasha and Hubby Karan

Karan and Bipasha the most called couple of the Bollywood town tied knot and have been spending lot of time on their honeymoon. Few days back rumours were abuzz that Bipasha Basu is pregnant are taking place again and again. Bipasha though cleared all this that she is not but these are popping up again and again. Recently Karan Grover says that He would be the first person to know if it happens.

Well, when we asked Karan Singh Grover about Bipasha Basu’s pregnancy rumours, he denied it. Karan told that, “I don’t react to it anymore because if she is pregnant, then I would be the first person to know. But I think, what is happening these days is that everyone is running on speculations ke ab kya hai they love each other then it’s been so much time together. How much can you say about that?”.
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bipasha and karan

When the actor was asked when we can expect complete family, he answered, “You can expect a family whenever we are ready and that has no timeline to it.” Bipasha shared that if baby arrives that its only baby time but they both need more time together, she said though her mother is keen to have a grand daughter soon.