Lets take an inside tour of Akash Dadlani’s home worth 2.5 crore only!

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“Akash always wanted to become a musician. In fact, he always dreamt of becoming a hip hop sensation. I wanted him to complete his studies first and then take up any career. After coming from America, Akash joined Jai Hind College for a year but he dropped out because he was not at interested in studies,” Sunita Dadlani told Media.

Akash’s family shifted back to india just because of Akash’s carrier and his father met with an accident at an early age and his mother and sister alone raised him and brought him up.

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Sunita Dadlani said, “Akash has been mischievous and naughty throughout his childhood. In his teenage days, he loved to party a lot with his friends. Every second day, he used to party with his friends in US. We had a tough time surviving there. Akash was not at all interested in studies. Akash’s elder sister, Divya got married at a very early age. So, he felt lonely there. So, we shifted in Mumbai by the end of 2011.”


Keeping Akash’s mood swings in mind, the house has been painted with white colour to help him calm down.it costs approx 2.5 crore and is situated in suburban Mumbai. have a look: