Meghan Markle has reportedly visited Princess Diana’s grave to get her ‘blessing’ for royal wedding!

Pic Credit- Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are all set to get hitched in May, will visit Princess Diana’s grave before they their wedding later this year. Prince Harry has taken his wife-to-be to see his mum’s final resting place at her childhood home in Northants. The couple are said to have made the trip to Diana’s burial place before they became engaged in November 2017. Harry is believed to have “asked” for his mother’s blessing before proposing over a roast chicken at the end of last year.

A source told the leading daily: “Harry has already taken Meghan to Althorp to see his mum, but they will go back before the big day. Harry wanted to take Meghan to see and speak to her … it was very personal for Harry. I think he quietly asked his mum for her blessing to marry Meghan, too.”

During an interview following the announcement of his engagement to Meghan, Prince Harry said he believes his late mother and his bride-to-be would have been thick as thieves.He also admitted it’s days such as these he really misses her.

Pic credit: getty Images