Remember the person who played helicopter shot in Ms Dhoni,check what this actor is upto now!


Actor who played this helicopter shot, Prakash Kranti Jha from M.S Dhoni has been chosen for the Baba Ramdev’s Biopic. Baba Ramdev took the test for this and he was impressed by the acting of the star.

ajay devgan and prakash kranti jha

Speaking to a leading daily, Ajay said, “It is never easy playing a real-life legend. I am happy to note that Kranti is ready to walk that extra mile to deliver a strong performance.” Ajay shared the news on Twitter with a gif, have a look.

Talking about Kranti, the renowned Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev said to a leading daily, “Kranti’s inherently spiritual personality and his ability to remember and recite shlokas in the Sanskrit language impressed me. I enjoyed having an early morning yoga session with him, he is working hard to get the asanas right.”

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Kranti Prakash Jha, who is equally excited about the role, said, “It is a challenge to play a multi-faceted personality like Swami Ramdev. I will do my level best to deliver a convincing performance.”

Swami Ramdev took my test and was quite impressed

He took my test to know my knowledge about him. Though I didn’t performed excellent but I was good enough. He was impressed to see that I can recite Sanskrit shlokas. I have studied Sanskrit till 10th standard in Patna, also I am quite spiritual in real life. I read scriptures and the credit goes to my mom. She is the pillar of my life and her focus was always that we remain attached to our roots. Hence, religious books became a part of my life. At that time, I didn’t know that knowing a bit of Sankrit would help me in my career. I also performed couple of asanas before him, however, I couldn’t do headstand like him.

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”Considering the fact that I belong to a small town in Bihar, acting was hardly a career option. We only had three choices- engineering, medical or civil services. In fact, when I took admission in The Hindu, Delhi, I was preparing for civil services. Along with it, I was also active in theatres, nukkad natak, etc. However, my main focus remained UPSC, I gave exam and missed it by 3-4 marks. After exams got over, my friends in Mumbai asked me to visit the city. When I came here, I liked the place. I got positive vibes, I felt like this is where I want to be. I started giving auditions and since then I never looked back.