Watch Great Granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar Sakshi Chopra In her Hot Avatar……Go Topless!!!

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Hotty Sakshi Chopra who is a singer-songwriter, social media influencer & content creator belongs to the prosperous & prominent family of the Sagars. She is the great granddaughter of legendary late television & movie director Dr. Ramanand Sagar Chopra & the daughter of television & movie producer Meenakshi Sagar who’s daughter of Moti Sagar.

When she was only 9 yrs old, she developed an instant & irrevocable connection with music. Through vocal lessons, she discovered her passion & decided to pursue it very seriously.

At the age of 10, she started training professionally for western vocals through the Trinity College London & successfully completed her 8 year long degree in the same coming through with distinction. Sakshi has had her eyes set on establishing herself as a western vocal singer on the international platform.

She is glamrous and sexy too. She keeps posting her life style pictures on instagram….some of them she goes topless.

Have a look :


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Roll in peace

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Sky is not the limit, the mind is

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5am swims in Goa🐳 #takemeback

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