Gossip: Dhadak Co-Stars Ishaan Khatter And Janhvi Kapoor Are Really In Love?

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Bollywood new debut Ishan Khatter and Jhanvi Kappor is making headlines. As per the sources both are said to be dating each other. They both debut with Shadak in Bollywood. The film is the Hindi remake of the commercial success and critically acclaimed Marathi film Sairat and therefore expectations are high. The posters of their film have already received much love from fans and critics.

From Ishaan going on a shopping spree in Istanbul for his Dhadak co-star, to both catching up for dinners and movie dates to both actors going to the same gym, the same time and commuting in the same car – if Ishaan and Janhvi are dating, they are making no efforts in hiding it.

And this is the strangest bit about this whole affair. Especially when both of these rising stars had received strict diktats from their families against a relationship. Ishaan’s brother Shahid Kapoor and Janhvi’s mother Sri Devi had prewarned the actors about getting hooking up with anyone since that would only act as a distraction for them and take their focus away from their work. Fair enough. How then do we see these two actors getting too close to each other and hinting to the word that they are more than just co-stars?

Pic Credit: Twitter

Are Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor really in love or is there more than what meets the eye? There is certainly more to this love story. According to source, also working closely on the film, this alleged affair is part of the plan to create buzz around the film and keep it alive till Dhadak releases. “The makers knows how much fans and media love Bollywood love stories. And Ishaani and Janhvi’s film is a tragic love story, where the two characters are hopelessly in love with each other. A real life romance angle just adds to the interest around a film with such a subject,” said the source.

Pic Credit: Twitter

The source further said since the two actors are starting out now and need all the attention from the media and fans, a brewing love story will keep the interest alive. “It is not difficult to plant stories about a couple’s affair and then have them hang out together, attract media glare, to fan the relationship rumours. If at all, all the media around Ishaan and Janhvi’s closeness to each other will only help their debut movie,” said the source hinting how the two are being managed to portray they are more than just co-stars. This also explains why Shahid or Sri Devi won’t have an issue with what’s cooking between them.

Whatever it is and whoever is behind it, Ishaan and Janhvi and their maiden Bollywood project Dhadak all stand to gain. Who can complain? Stay tuned to circle of Bollywood for more updates!