Priyanka Chopra has got an American Doppelganger?

Priyanka Chopra

Do you believe in doppelgängers? There are several theories which suggest that we all have our look-alikes running around the world, and we’re bound to run into at least one of them in our lifetime.Fans love spotting celebrity doppelgängers and the most recent celeb to get one is Priyanka Chopra!

Our hottest export to Hollywood can’t seem to shed off her international connect. After her ‘socially accepted’ sister from another mister, Megan Milan, posted a series of pictures, Twitter couldn’t help but notice the eerie resemblance of the two celebrities.From calling Megan a ‘Black Priyanka’ to hysterically assuming, in true Bollywood style, the two ladies must have lost their ways in a ‘mela’ (fair).

check out:

What I woke up too. Lmaoo at the last one!

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