Read Here What Swara Bhaskar Clarifies About Her Open Letter To Deepika Padukone!!!

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Colors Tv new show Entertainment Ki Raat is getting all the TRP for its humour. Yesterday episode Sajid Khan and Swara Bhaskar was in the house. Show started when comedian Balraj pull Swara’s leg by asking her the difference between Open Letter and Love letter obviously we all know the “Vagina and Jauhar” controversy she started recently.

Swaara says that she got all kind of hate mails post the letter and also states she wrote the letter just because she is a Deepika fan and could not see her die in jauhar towards the end- well Swara if that was a joke it was quite lame too. Swara is also asked about the time when her age on wikipedia kept changing.

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She confesses to have  tampered with her age on the site as she is an actress and wanted to seem young but also states she was caught red -handed by a fellow school mate who changed the wiki age as per his calculations. Sajid asks Swara to stop being a fool and proclaiming this on national TV.

Moving towards Sajid, he reveals his fear of ghosts and this leads to his habit of sleeping with the lights on or else with some company. He also tells us how his previous girlfriend was always asking him who he was with in the room.

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Swara then talks about the time she cut the hairs of her previous boyfriend on the India Gate. Later they have a truth and dare game in which Sajid reveals he has been arrested once and spend a night in jail. Swara tweets that she loves the limelight and that is why she creates controversy.

Swara also eats green chillies raw and Sajid is made to wax his legs. Ravi walks in with his performance as a salesman. Swara reveals her two tatoos one on her back of the shoulder and one on front. Sajid speaks of how he handled his own arrogance after his Hey Baby was a huge success.

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He also says he lives for movies and he can kill, steal and snatch for watching the movie. He speaks of the time when he did some performance on Juhu Beach to earn money to watch a movie. Swara speaks of when she tried to kill her own little brother when e irritated her. Next are the performances with Mubeen and Dipika coming in first.

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