Remember Mihir from Kyuki Saas bhi? He changed his house to get out of depression!

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Mihir aka Amar Upadhyay from Kyuki Saa bhi Kabhi Bahu thi was a famous character but due to some troubles in his life he was away from the television, He was suffering from depression and he came out of Depression and due to which he changed his house. During his initial days he used to live in 1Bhk flat and now has managed to purchase his house in Versova.

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All thanks to his hugely successful stint on television, the 41-year old actor has managed to buy his dream house in Versova, one of the posh areas of Mumbai.

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Amar Upadhyay said, “It’s been almost 13 years now; I am staying in my dream house. I call it as a dream house because it gives me a feel as a bungalow. And buying a bungalow in Mumbai is not that easy; it’s too expensive (laughs). In fact, when one of my friends who is a Vaastu expert too recommended this house, I denied it first because of the prize. But then, when I entered I felt lot of positivity around me. Adding more to it, the view was awesome from all the corners. I took it as a challenge and see, my dreams are fulfilled now (smiles).”

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“I was very close to my mother and she passed away in that same house. That was the worst phase of my life. In the same year, I quit Kyunki…, my mother left me…I went into depression. Memories with my mother were hided in every corner of that house and I couldn’t cope up with the loss. I was getting depressed day by day and it was then I decided to move out of it. I sold my 3BHK flat for this one (smiles).”

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Amar said, “My two architect friends – Rajeev and Anil helped me to do the interiors. I wanted to give a modern look with the old touch in it. From a French door to American false ceiling to Indian sofa setting; my wife helped a lot in the decoration.”

On asking about Vaastu of house, “Yes, as I said that this apartment was suggested by my Vaastu friend, I completely trust his beliefs. Most of the things placed in my house are according to Vaastu and it is really working for us,” Amar Upadhyay concluded.