Rishina Kandhari deleted her bikini pics from social media! Here’s why?

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Rishina kandhari who took posted on social media her pictures in bikini she deleted them later and the media and fans were just finding that why the bikini post is missing now.She took over social media of her donning pictures in bikini.She was seen in tu Sooraj mein Saanjh piyaji and Sarfarosh 21 and also Devo ke Dev Mahadev.

Strangely later on she deleted all of them and decided to remove them from the social media.The source near to her said that actress is keeping her bold avatar away for now from the Media.

When asked about this step of removing the pictures she said that:“I was on two mind whether I should post it or not, but when I did it I realized that it might not go well with my fans. And hence, I decided to delete it.”

Check out the deleted pictures:

Rishina Kandhari
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Rishina Kandhari

Rishina Kandhari

Rishina Kandhari
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