Social Media has made it easy for people to point and judge: Ranveer Singh!!

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Ranveer Singh was recently applauded for his awesome role in Padmaavat and even was really appreciated for the same.Ranveer who is quite active on social media also discussed the pros and cons of the platform in the interview.

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Playing the role of Bisexual Ranveer Singh said :He said, “I have no apprehensions in playing a role portraying bisexuality, I am a liberal-minded person and think Section 377 should be scrapped.”

On padmaavat’s controversies he shared that “I was shocked at the violence over Padmaavat. As an artist it was enraging to see people damage the set and break film equipment. Friends and producers categorically told me not to do or say anything to react lest I make matters worse,”

He disussed the pros and cons of Media and said:“Social media is a big old beast. It has compounded the problem and has made it easy for people to point fingers and judge. Of the 6 billion people in the world, about 15 might oppose something that you say and that gets highlighted,” said Ranveer

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