“I think when I work in anybody’s office they drop the idea of couching me……” : Actress Aahana Kumra!

Pic Credit : Getty Images

Beautiful Tv actress Aahana Kumra started her career with small screen for the show on Sony Entertainment Television’s Yudh with bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and also worked in the TV series Agent Raghav – Crime Branch with Sharad Kelkar.

She got recognition with her bold avatar in Lipstick Under My Burkha. Recently, she spoke at length with her on films, nepotism, casting couch and trolls.

On the importance of theatre artists in India she quoted,” when I go for a casting meeting, they call us a theatre artist. In India theatre artists, are treated in a very weird way. This don’t happen in aboard, all the actors are treated equally. Lipstick Under My Burkha has definitely brought me recognition but still I really have a very long way to go. This industry is very strange, you don’t know when you can make it, you cannot fly high, because it’s a roller coaster ride, one day you feel high and another day you feel very low, someday you have work and someday you don’t. There is no criteria or frame to judge fame in this industry.”

She denied sleep with someone for work. She said, “I think when I work in anybody’s office they drop the idea of couching me because I have a very straightforward way of working. If you like my work, hire me, if you don’t let’s call it quits. I am not going to hang with you, or have a drink or get into your bed because I need work. I am very happy with the kind of work I am doing, there is so much work around, some people, think that this is the be all and end all, there is not only one producer or one film that’s going to hire you, so you need to have faith in yourself. I think those who don’t have faith in themselves, they go around and do the business they want to and its fine with them, but not with me because it doesn’t resonate with my principles. My parents have given me certain principles which will stay with me for life, so if you don’t like me leave it, I don’t care.”

She believed if you have talent then why to sleep with someone??

She stated,” It’s easy to get carried away in this industry, but one has to hold on to themselves. It’s very easy to get swayed in this industry, you have a couple of drinks with them and you feel they are very nice, you sleep with them and feel you will get work, but it doesn’t work like that. There is no producer who will put crores for you because you slept with that person, so that’s never going to happen. I think the girls have a lot of fear, they feel – I will sleep with them, I will get the job but that never happens. There are millions of girls who are ready to sleep with one producer or director to get work, but then what’s the difference between you and them? Better get work on your merit.”