Ileana D’cruz faced harassment says “Criminal is behind the bars”!!


Ileana D’Cruz

Famous barfi actress Ileana D’cruz who also got in limelight for her relationship with his foreigner boyfriend recently told us about the harassment she faced in her life.

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“I’ve been a victim of eve-teasing and harassment and it’s traumatic. I’m lucky I have beautiful parents who gave me strength when I needed it,”

The Barfi! actress is busy promoting her upcoming film Raid costarring Ajay Devgn. During an interaction about the film the actress remembered this indecent phase of her life. She says, “Those were the three months through which I went through hell. I was just 15 years old then.”

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The incident occurred while she stayed with her mom in Goa. She recollects, “I used to take the local bus for my commute. There was a boy who had harassed me for a period of three months. It happened after I rejected the boy’s proposal and so he would scream my name in the bus and embarrass me in public.”

Finally she got her mother to intervene. “I was fed up going through this harassment every day. My mother met him and asked him to quit it. She even warned him if he wouldn’t stop we would go to the cops. He thought we wouldn’t. He was really surprised when we actually approached the police.”

She continues, “The police caught hold of him and beat him up in front of me. He even peed in his pants. He realised his mistake and promised that he won’t do it ever again.”