‘Naino Wale ne’ song from ‘Padmaavat’ is the new sensation on internet!!


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Padmaavat might be off the screens now but the movie hasn’t stopped to be in news or being on social media.The movie which faces struggles and hard times to release released in January and got praised like heaven.

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Amidst controveries and after a lot of cuts in the scenes the movie didn’t lose its charm and shine and still was successful in creating a corner in the viewers heart. The last scene of the movie was thrilling (Jauhar) and was considered as the best.

Padmaavat song Nainowale Ne: Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor’s crackling chemistry is at its best display – watch video

The movie is now not in theatres we might think that the viewers might have forgotten the effect of the movie but the Movie Team recently released a song from the movie and the chemistry that Shahid and Deepika share geared up praises again for the movie and the team.

Watch the song

The song is sung by Neeti mohan and created by SLB.