Ajay Devgn thinks his Generation of Stars are lucky to have Loyal Fans!


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Ajay Devgan who is enjoying success for over 25 years now says that he is lucky enough to have great fan following and loyal fan following.The loyal fan following is a rarity today.you will see the stars changing their choices and having one star and then they switch over to the other.

Ajay said, “I think we were very lucky because when we had started work, the kind of fan following we got at that point of time, they were very loyal fans. Till today they maintain that and watch our films.”

“The new generation who is watching films, they have become very sensible, smart and intelligent. They go by the content, film to film. This will keep on changing. They will decide if the film is good or not, it won’t matter who is in the film,” he added.

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Ajay, however, said there was never a phase in his career where he felt “lost”. “I’ve been very lucky in that sense. Everybody goes through a phase when films don’t do well but someone analysed it for me that in my whole career, except for a year or two, there has never been a year when I didn’t have a hit. May be if there are two or three flops, there has always been a hit. I’ve luckily never had a phase where I was struggling.”

We will now see Ajay next in Raid.