Is This The Reason Sushant Singh Rajput Starrer Chanda Mama Door Ke Makers Decided To Put It On The Back Burner.

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Sushant Singh Rajput last Raabta in which he was paired opposite Kriti Sanon failed at the box office. But the actor is still positive and is these days prepping for his upcoming movie Chanda Mama Door Ke. The movie is being directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s and will be a space adventure odyssey.

Sushant Singh Rajput is working very to get into the skin of the character of an astronaut. The actor has shot for the movie at the NASA and in doing so became the first Bollywood actor to get trained at NASA. During his visit to NASA took part in workshops and various training regimes which the main aspect is to get acquainting him with the life of an astronaut, which they face challenges in real life when in space.

The movie had to start the shooting but a while back he makers decided to put it on the back burner. As per source was quoted saying that, “Producer Viki Rajani was supposed to bankroll the project, but now, it’s stuck indefinitely. When the makers planned the movie with Sushant, they didn’t understand the landing cost. Once they drew up the budget, they were shocked.”

The movie had to be shoot at a very high budget and was quoted saying that “It would’ve cost the makers almost Rs 67 crore, without the additional promotional costs. The recovery for such a film would be extremely difficult. But even then, Viki made efforts to get investors. Nobody wanted to finance it as it seemed like a loss-making project. Everything just wasn’t adding up.”

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Sushant Singh recently gave a sneak peak into his house and entire room replete with a telescope, is waiting for the movie to start shooting. Source also added that, “He has shuffled his dates because of this project. It was supposed to begin last year in between the Kedarnath schedule, but it never took off. Someone needs to make him understand that this movie isn’t happening for sure.”

“The makers may revisit it, but definitely not with Sushant. If they make it, they plan to cast a big star in it — either one of the senior actors or someone from the younger generation who is a crowd-puller. Sushant is a terrific actor, but he’s yet to prove himself as a potential money-spinner at the box office.”