Ranbir Kapoor Talks about how Stardom has changed him!



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Ranbir Singh has always outcased his love for acting and he is one of the powerful actors of the bollywood town. Ranbir is curently shooting for Ayan Mukerji’s Trilogy Brahmastra. He is training at different martial arts form for the movie and his role.


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Ranbir attended an event for a brand he endorses and opened up about stardom. He said, “Stardom isolates you more from the world because lot of people want your time and attention. I also think it is a bit sad because nobody should be isolated in life. But apart from that I am pretty much the same person.”


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When asked if stardom has changed him, he said, “Whether I have changed or not, probably my friends would be the right people to answer this. To me, I am the same person I was in school and college.”

Done shooting for Jio famously Filmfare!

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Ranbir added, “People say this industry is fickle and only salutes people who are successful and ignores when they fail. But that’s when you realise who your true friends are.When you are not successful, people won’t be around and as long as you have sense of that you will be fine. I would say Ayan has been a true friend so far.”