The Love for Aamir’s movie in China is same as India!!


Image result for aamir khan on chinese audience reaction to his workAamir Khan one of then leading actors of the bollywood industry is savouring  in the success of his film ‘Dangal’ which broke all the box-office records till then.Recently the Chinese Government awarded him an honorary title for the superstar’s amazing success in the country.

His movie ‘Dangal’ earned $189 in China becoming one of the top 5 higest earning films of all time in China.“I had nothing to do with it. It is the love that the audience in China gave to my work,” Khan said.He continued to say that “the success of my movies reveals that emotional keys that unlock Chinese hearts and minds are very similar to those that strike a chord in Indians.”

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Giving response to whether he would join politics or not he said “ I am not cut out for politics. If the goal of politics is to contribute to nation building and shape society for the better, I am better placed to do it as a creative artist.”