Read Here Why Neetu Kapoor apologises to Sohail Khan???

Pic Credit: Twitter

According to reports, Rishi Kapoor has misbehaved with Seema Khan, Sohail Khan’s wife at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception. A source revealed to us that Neetu took it on her to apologize to Sohail Khan on behalf of Rishi Kapoor. Apparently, the whole Khan family was unhappy with the whole incident.

According to an online portal, Rishi had a grouse that Salman Khan didn’t greet him properly when they met. But rather than taking it it up with the actor himself who was burning the dance floor with Shah Rukh Khan and others, he decided to unleash it on Seema.

The website also reveals that Seema was not amused about the incident at all. She immediately went and revealed everything to Salman who lost it. Apparently, he went looking for the senior actor but by then Rishi Kapoor had already left the venue. We are completely with Salman on this. Kapoor could have just asked Salman about the same. What’s the point of behaving this way with a family member like that?

Pic Credit: Twitter

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception saw a lot of people attending it. Salman and Shah Rukh Khan along with Anil Kapoor were having the most fun as they danced on each other’s songs. The videos have gone viral and will always stay in people’s memories as a special evening!