Veere Di Wedding Featuring Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan has got an ‘A’ certificate from CBFC.

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Did you ever wonder what an orgasm is called in Hindi? The trailer of Veere Di Wedding gives insight into it and much more. The movie follows the journey of four friends, in the movie we get to know that the girl gang is quite excited to be part of their friends Kareena’s wedding – which though she is unsure about it! The trailer talks carry the powerful punch of exciting, and most important of it all, a stunning sisterhood!

The trailer has created a lot of curiosity amongst the cinemagoers because of bold language that has been used. In the trailer, we got see the four ladies talk openly about orgasms at length and using a vibrator. It seems that the kind of language used in the movie hasn’t been seen in Bollywood industry or the CBFC that certifies the films are used to. As a result of the swear words and abusive words which were used in the trailer, didn’t go down well with the censor board and decided to give the film an A certificate.

(Photo: IANS)

A source close to the movie production house was quoted saying that “Both Jeetendra (Ekta Kapoor’s father) and Anil argued heatedly in favor of the colorful language spoken in the film. They are convinced that today’s youngsters speak that foul lurid leery language. Some panel members objected. But finally, the board members agreed to let the language remain intact and gave the film an ‘A’ certificate.” THe CBFC board wasn’t comfortable with the four women using such language.

(Photo: IANS)

During a recent interaction with the media, Kareena Kapoor Khan opened about her upcoming movie, Veere Di Wedding and was quoted saying that, “Veere Di Wedding is a movie about four women who attend my wedding and all the dhamaal that it involves. It is the perfect time to do this movie that deals with women and their emotions. I started Veere Di Wedding nine months after Taimur’s (Ali Khan) birth and it is almost unheard of in Bollywood. I think people should be patient with me because I do not have the bandwidth to work so hard so soon. I would like to spend some time with my son, get things sorted, and take my time to figure out what I want to do and sort my head out.”

The movie is all set to release on June 1 and is all set to clash with Sonam’s brother Harshvarshan Kapoor’s Bhavesh Joshi Superhero. Harsh spoke about the clash with sisters project and was quoted saying that, “The films belong to two completely different worlds. It’s a great date for both of them because it’s the first weekend after the end of the country’s biggest cricketing league. The other big releases will have filtered out by then too. Sonam, Rhea, dad (Anil Kapoor) and I are thrilled about the simultaneous releases because June 1 will be a day of celebration. We are not looking at it as a clash, it’s a great opportunity.”