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Vivian Dsena, known for his good looks, physique, and a string of successful TV shows such as Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani, Madhubala and his on-going TV show, has lately put on some weight. Reportedly, his separation from wife Vahbiz Dorabjee in 2016 (the couple has filed for a divorce) and multiple injuries led to the weight gain.

The 28 years popular Indian TV actor got his fame  through his lead role of Abhay Raichand in ‘Pyar Ki Ye Ek Kahani’ on “Star one”. Later he worked in ‘Madhubala’ opposite Drashti Dhami. Nowadays he is currently playing the male lead in the show ‘Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’.

According to sources, the actor is dating Vahbizz Dorabjee. Post his divorce with Vahbizz Dorabjee, rumour mill is abuzz with the news that Vivian Dsena is dating his former co-star from Shakti, Amrita Prakash.
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While Vivian plays Harman on the show, Amrita essayed the character of Jasleen. Reportedly, the actor, who usually keeps to himself, is extremely pally with Amrita even after she has made an exit from the show. However, both Vivian and Amrita have quashed all the rumours, and claim they are just good friends.
Vivan told the same, “We are very good friends. I would say, we are like two boys on the sets as she is very tomboyish. In my career, I have hardly ever been extremely pally or friendly with my co-actors. So, obviously, a lot of eyebrows were raised on the sets when we became friendly. Everyone wondered, ‘kya ho raha hai? Why are they so friendly with each other’.” He further added, “I get along with her as she has no hang-ups, is chilled out and most importantly very professional. We both know what’s the truth. Now that her role has ended in the show, we still keep in touch. We talk often. This (relationship) is not going to go anywhere. I know that and she knows that too.”
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On the other hand, “People misconstrue friendships [in this industry] and we are used to it. It is wonderful to get along with someone on a platonic level without any romantic angle. It’s nice to have a healthy friendship like that. We are mature enough to understand that such rumours will spread. It’s part of the industry and easy to dismiss.” When the actress was further enquired if love can blossom between the two in future, she completely rejected the idea and said, “There is not one bit of interest to take this further.”
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