This actor has a Perfect ripped body even at 57: Happy Birthday Sunil Shetty!


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Sunil Shetty is 57 today and the actor might have reached a age which sounds like and elder person but the actor still has a perfect ripped physique and he looks as young as he was during his time.

Would you like to know that how even at 50 he keeps so fit and well? well lets move to his physique, he keeps on posting the fitness acts and his love chats with the fans. He acted in films like Hera Pheri and Dhadak.

In an interview with GQ magazine, he once said, “You have to be careful once you cross a certain age. With some care and minimal lifestyle changes, it’s fairly easy to keep fit. There’s a lot of science now that goes into fitness. It wasn’t like that when I was young. So I started understanding the role of DNA, the difference between food intolerance and allergy and personalised diet and most importantly I took up yoga, which is what has done the trick for me.”

Talking about his fitness regime, he was quoted in Indian Express as saying, “‘Stretch, Run, Lift and Repeat’ is what I follow. I am not bound to one specific exercise, I do multiple exercises but not at one go but in a phased manner. you don’t have to work out for hours – start with stretching in bed and mild physical exercise for 5 to 10 minutes and then depending on your stamina, increase the duration to 20 or 30 minutes. You should have enough motivation and get inspired to try something new on your own such as plan a fitness-focused vacation, or go out and play cricket or any outdoor game that requires physical strength.”



Workin on MYSELF, by MYSELF, for MYSELF! #thinkaboutit @missionfitindiaofficial

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