Manto actress talk about working with Nawazuddin Siddiqui !


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Nandita Das Manto is all set to make her way to the bollywood cinema halls on 21st September.Rasika spoke about how they went about researching for this film, “Nandita (Das) had spent a lot of time with Safia and Manto’s three daughters in Pakistan and also with Safia’s sister. So a lot of information that the family had, anecdotal information, stories that they shared, made its way into the script.”

Rasika revealed, “In that essay, he talks about how Safia and her sisters were the giggly bunch of girls who used to prank call Nargis at night. They were so much in awe of her on-screen persona that they decided to do this. And over those prank calls, they became friends. It’s a very sweet story.”

“I always say that I’m never nervous about working with good actors, I’m nervous about working with bad actors. Good actors always understand that a scene is not about one person, a scene is about what two people experience with each other,” she said. She elaborated, “Both of us had a quiet understanding of each other’s process and I, of course, have a lot of respect for him as an actor and despite being much more established than I am, he responded with the same kind of respect, so I can only be grateful.”

Rasika is curious to see how the Indian audience, who is familiar with Manto’s work, reacts to the film. “I want to know what a country having to fight for freedom of speech and expression thinks about the story of a person who stood for freedom of speech,” she concludes.