Zero Director needed somebody like SRK to Play this role!

Pic credit: Twitter

Zero is all set to enter the theatres and now the director of the movie Anand L rai says that he is really happy to have Srk on the team and he wanted somebody like him in the movie to play the role.

“The story needed Shah Rukh Khan and that’s why he is there. It’s not that ‘now let me work with Shah Rukh Khan’, that was not the decision. I needed somebody as strong as him to come onboard because you need to be a very self-assured actor to play this role. To let go those two feet is not easy. But then you have to be very sure about yourself and Shah Rukh Khan is very sure about himself,” Aanand said on working with SRK.

“I will give you a lot of fun. Again, I will give you a lot of emotion. I will give you a lot of happiness and it’s an extension of what I have done before, but this time I have made it more challenging.”

“I see my graph changing as a storyteller. Nothing else. Trust me it’s not changing with the size of the film, it is only changing with the story. I always say Zero is another leap. But it’s a leap as a form of a story,” Aanand shared when asked whether he was growing in terms of getting bigger stars onboard with his every new directorial.

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