Mandana Karimi says she won’t stop wearing Bikini because of trolls.


Mandana Karimi

The former bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi is not showing her back to the trolls either, she was in limelight after she accused Sajid Khan & Umesh Ghagde for sexual harrassment.

She recently posted a photo from her holiday in Colombo,Sri Lanka, where she is seen soaking up the sun in a bikini. Mandana says, “You post a picture and leave it at that. It’s not a big deal, right? But people start posting mean comment and the worst part is; a lot of those comments came from girls. I just feel bad that people can be so narrow-minded. But I d on’t care; I wear a bikini because it’s my choice. I think nobody should be judged over what they like to wear. Trolling won’t stop me from wearing a bikini and being who I am.”

She adds, “I’d say relationships are not a priority for me rght now.I have two puppies, a Golden Retriever and a Yorker — Elvis and Walnut — and after a hard day, I love going home and playing with them. They have such pure love and positive energe.
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