Taapsee Pannu: I’m so happy MeToo movement is finally happening in India !

Pic Credit- Twitter

Bollywood actor Taapsee Pannu on Monday said she is glad that a #MeToo movement has finally started in India and that women are now coming out in the open to talk about it.

Speaking to a reporter, the ‘Pink’ star said, “I think it should have started then and when. I am happy that it has at least started; people are coming out in the open, talking about it and names being taken. I am happy it’s happening.”

Pic Credit- Twitter

The #MeToo movement began last year in Hollywood after movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s decades-old accusations of sexual harassment came into limelight.

The movement is now sparking waves in India also with women speaking up their unsavoury experiences against powerful persons from media and entertainment industry.

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